Coming Soon!

We plan to open Minded Society chapters in as many cities as possible, and you could be one of our leaders.

Want to be a chapter leader?

We’re looking for women who love to socialize and create memorable and special gatherings.

You’re resourceful, creative, lead with kindness, and thrive around women of all backgrounds and ages.

As a chapter leader, you’ll be responsible for planning monthly Mingles and Pop-Ups, attending monthly leadership meetings, and acting as the point of contact for your chapter Mindees.

Are you interested and feel excited about this? Email us at [email protected] for more information.

What else do you need to know?

Before You Start

You’ll need a minimum of 35 Mindees to start a chapter in a new city, and there can only be one chapter per city.

Lead with a Friend

All chapters will be led by two Mindees. This is you chance to partner up with your best friend! Each leader will hold a specific role that we’ll help you define in our first meeting.


This is a volunteer role with incentives for new member sign-ups and member retention. Chapter leaders will also be exempt from paying membership dues.